The Freethinking Right

I realize that my little corner of cyberspace is an obscure niche known to very few people.  I have to be content, like early television broadcasters, to reach a small, select minority of pioneers.  But there are times when I wish could, like any good cartoon villain, interrupt all television and radio broadcasts all over the world to get my message across.  Where is Dr. Doom when you need him?

We are all familiar with the secular Jewish establishment's cardinal principal that anti-Semitism comes only from religious people--an obvious way of dealing with their embarrassment at their pre-modern sheep-sacrificing, Canaanite-killing, new moon-sanctifying "hillbilly" ancestors.  Abe Foxman and Co. are so determined to see HaShem as the distinctive G-d of the anti-Semites that they have doubtless now convinced themselves that The Emodiment of All Evil, Adolf Hitler (yimach shemo vezikhro), began his career of "intolerance" by erecting monuments to the Ten Commandments on public property.  There's nothing more alien to Jewishness than `Aseret HaDibberot, is there?

Now the fact is that there are plenty of religious Jew-haters, from moslem crazies to ultra-rightwing Catholics (who insist that Copernicanism and German Biblical criticism were spawned by a "Judaeo-Masonic conspiracy") to those hilarious "chr*stian identity" people who insist Mordechai and Esther were Icelandic--and then, in utter contradiction to their ridicilous claim to be the "true Israelites," fail to celebrate "their" holiday of Purim.  But as I have pointed out before, with the exception of occasional attacks on the Roman Catholic Church (eastern and oriental chr*stianity are too "ethnic" to touch) the targets of these "zealous Jewish defenders" are precisely those religious people who actually associate the Jewish People with the Biblical G-d (ugh--can't have that, now).  But what I wish to address now is another segment of the anti-Semitic Right that is ignored by almost everyone--yet which is the most hate-filled of all.  These are the anti-Semitic atheists and freethinkers.  Not only does the secular Jewish establishment act as if these people did not exist, but so do most of the religious people who usually go to great lengths to show that irreligion can be hostile to Jews.  And what is even more troubling is that these people, and their freethinking ideology, seem to have had an influence on mainstream--even religious--conservatives.

One of the advantages of having an obscure little corner on the Web that is unknown to most people is a certain freedom to discuss these people explicitly.  After all, it's not like any of them are ever going to find out about it . . . is it?  Nah, they'd never notice a li'l gadfly like me (plus, like Jewish liberals, they don't like to call attention to the fact that some people still "irrationally" associate the Jews with the Biblical G-d).  That being so, let us look at two examples of the freethinking Right in some detail.

I was performing a Web search on a completely unrelated matter when I happened upon a "charming" little thing called "Carol on the Web."  Oh, it was quite a hoot, I assure you.  Our girl Carol was just bristling with clever little barbs about the "Hebes" while Abe Foxman was out trying to discourge Southern Baptists from embarrassing him by supporting Israel.  And would you believe, she doesn't hate the Jews because "G-d told her to?"  Why, she doesn't even believe in G-d!  Who'd a' thunk it???

Our Carol is one of those people who make up the Thomas Jefferson/H. L. Mencken/Murray Rothbard fan club.  These worthies hold that Man and his nature are so did-dad good that he doesn't need "the state" telling him what to do (remember what I said about their ideology influencing mainstream conservatism?).  In fact, "the state" is the source of all the evils in the world (guess the Nazis were anarchists who abolished "the state" and the "Jewish media" covered it up).  The purpose of "the state" is to cause chaos.  If "the state" were to be abolished, man's inherently tickety-boo nature (in concert with the others Laws of the Cosmos) would just naturally kick in and impose a rigid moral order on the world.  And best of all--there'd be no "race-mixing!"  Yes folks, "the state" is a Jewish plot to subjugate the non-Jewish races by mixing them.  Er, except for the Ay-rabs, who are The Only Good Dark Race On Earth (even the Japanese don't count anymore).  And if you wonder why an atheist would be against "race-mixing" (personally, I've never figured out why an atheist would be "for" or "against" anything), our darling Carol provides a link to something called the Charles Darwin Research Institute, a white racist evolutionist organization that believes that "truth" somehow has meaning even in a meaningless, self-existent universe.  And their "truth" is that psychology is biologically (racially) rather than environmentally determined.  Would you believe that according to Our Betters Among the Palaeconservatives that this (and not the existence and authority of G-d) is what divides Left from Right?  That's right . . . if you believe in "racial equality" you're a Communist even if you interpret the Bible literally, and if you believe in racial distinctiveness you're a True Defender of Chr*stendom even if you're an atheist! (Well, that's what the "palaeoconservatives" think. Abe Foxman thinks atheist racists are a secret front for the Southern Baptists or something.)

Did you know that the number one obstruction to the Triumph of Darwinism is Marxism (and I thought Marx liked Darwin so much that he wanted to dedicate Das Kapital to him!) and that the essence of Marxism is not atheism but "racial equality" and the belief that characteristics are environmentally rather than genetically acquired?  Haven't you always heard that the number one roadblock to Darwinist utopia was "Bible-thumpers?"  Yet for all their idiotic worshipping of Charles Darwin, the CDRI doesn't take a single pot shot at us rednecks.  Oh well.  Since G-d is unfortunately peripheral to the ideological debate I suppose they feel compelled to treat (white) Biblical Fundamentalists as allies, just as "left" (racial egalitarian) Darwinists feel compelled to treat Rev. Al Sharpton as if he sprung from The Master's very loins.  Personally, I feel insulted at the thought of such "allies."  And the fact that Rev. Al doesn't feel the same about his simply proves what a despicable person he is.

But anyway, Carol has done us a great favor by showing us this group which, if they did not exist, would have had to be invented by Fundamentalists to show what a completely amoral concept Darwinism is.  But she does much more than this.  She happily illustrates what a lunatic she is on her very page, right there for all to see.  Did you know that Carol, the atheist "true conservative," is pro-abortion?  Well she is.  Still, her conservatism is superior to that of any anti-abortionist because she hates the Jews, which (she and her select brotherhood "know") is the True Inner Secret of Rightwingery (let us bow before our betters!).  Then the charming lady turns right around and attacks the Jews for being "pro-abortion" and even urges anti-abortion religious people to join her in her hatred of them.  Never mind that she is pro-abortion.  These are the JEWS we're talking about here, people!  Isn't that much more important than whether or not abortion is right or wrong?  Ah yes, the rationality of the atheist mind.

Carol also lets her total scorn for Zionist Fundamentalists come through for all to see.  As a matter of fact, she thinks they're "religious nuts."  She then demands that these "religious nuts" join her in hating the Jews.  Why should Fundamentalists hate the Jews?  Because the Jews think they are "religious nuts" and no self-respecting person would tolerate being thought of in that manner (no folks, I'm not making this stuff up).  Of course, Carol is slightly more tolerant of Catholicism, since it lacks Fundamentalst Protestantism's Biblical sentimentalism, and perhaps this is why she insists that the recent hue and cry over clerical pederasty was a "Jewish" attempt to punish the Church--perhaps for their support of her favorite homosexual, Yasser Arafat.

But Carol is at her loopiest in juxtaposing her belief that "Zionists run the media" with her taking at face value the anti-Israel stories coming from those very media.  As a matter of fact, she claims that Israel is losing the PR war (an awful lot of non-Jews must have been buying news media lately).

But Carol's most charming statement of all is that she is counting on islam to liberate her.

For the first time in my life I am actually rooting for islam to conquer the world--at least for a little while!

Now Carol here may seem to be a crank with no relevance to anyone or anything else--except that her rationalist, enlightenment philosophy about the goodness of human nature has seeped into the brain of every "Biblical Fundamentalist" who screams bloody murder about "the nanny state" and except for her claim to have been an early member at Free Republic (a mainstream conservative forum if there ever was one, and where I am proud to be a member).  As a Theonomic positivist who insists that all meaning comes from G-d and from nowhere else I can't help but be troubled at the idea of being "ideologically yoked" to such people.  And while most G-dless conservatives may not be racists, the point remains that there should be no G-dless conservatives.  After all, if there were no G-d (chas vechalilah!) neither "racism" nor anything else would or even could be morally wrong.

Now let us take leave of our friend Carol as she imbibes the anti-Israel "truth" from the "Zionist" media and awaits the anti-state white messiah Yasser Arafat (y'sh"v) to impregnate her with his Holy Semen (hopefully before something really icky like a heterosexual Mexican Catholic gets a-hold of her).  Let us look at one more specific example of the G-dless, anti-Semitic Rightwinger.  And though our next example has passed from the scene and has been boiling in hot excrement for many years now he is perhaps the best illustration of the ultimate conclusions of freethinking anti-Semitic rightwingery.  That man is the late, unlamented, raging lunatic Revilo P. Oliver (y'sh"v).  Although this intellectual giant is no longer with us, there is nevertheless a website dedicated to his teachings which may be found by any web search.  And reading his words there is very--er--enlightening indeed.

Though Dr. Oliver did not bleat about the "nanny state" quite so much as many of his fellow "scientific racial idealists" he nevertheless shared their view that race is the be-all and end-all of what the right wing is about.  And he was even more anti-religious than dear Carol, often insulting his own rightwing comrades because they were so stupid as to believe in the human soul (no such thing) and that abortion is the murderous separation of such a soul from an unborn body (Oliver's only concern in the abortion debate was the increase of the "aryan" population).  And unlike most anti-Semitic freethinkers, including our Carol, he actually had the temerity to take HaShem Himself on.  Most such people simply ignore HaShem altogether and take an obscene pleasure in pretending He does not exist (as Pharaoh said, "I do not know HaShem") and instead, even when attacking the way the Biblical Jewish "parasites" despoiled the Egyptians in the Book of Exodus they do not mention the Jewish G-d.  At least Dr. Oliver was not afraid to lay bare the ultimate principal.

Dr. Oliver, unlike the ADL's Fundamentalist Protestant punching bag, hated the Biblical Jews and said so.  He insisted they never existed and the Biblical events never happened, but he then condemned these imaginary people for doing the things they never did.  He reiterated the long list of the (supposedly "mythical") "crimes" of Ya'el, Yehudit, and 'Ester (what bothered him about 'Ester was her temerity in passing for a "white woman," though she never really existed and therefore could not have done this).  The ADL is uninterested in defending the honor of these ladies from Dr. Oliver's charges.  As Biblical "characters" who lived before the Jews could be cast in their role as the "secular" foes of "Biblical" chr*stianity they are of no interest whatsoever to the secular Jewish establishment.  No, let the Southern Baptist Convention worry about defending them (they're from their holy book, aren't they?--well, except for Yehudit, who, being a "character" from the Apocrypha is an honorary nun and a Catholic concern).  And moving on from hating imaginary Jews he turns his wrath on their "imaginary" (chas vechalilah!) G-d.  HaShem does not exist (ch'v"ch), says Dr. Oliver, but is a brutal, uncivilized G-d whom the Jews created in their own depraved image.

Let us pause now for Mr. Foxman to charge nobly to the defense of the G-d of Israel.  On second thought, let's not.  Otherwise we'll be here all day.

Dr. Oliver's scorn and contempt for the chr*stian "church fathers" knew no bounds.  To him they were all conscious, intentional shysters who made converts by a combination of slight-of-hand and drugging their victims with hallucenogenic mushrooms (d*mn those Southern Baptists--the Source of All Anti-Semitic Evil).  Yet strangely, even as he dismissed their religious beliefs as "superstition" he nevertheless lauded the "aryan" religious instinct.  At first this seems irrational and internally contradictory, but that is only because it is.  Curse his boiling soul, Dr. Oliver may have been a raving lunatic, but could he not have been at least a consistent raving lunatic?  I have tried to think of someone or something to which to compare this attitude of Dr. Oliver's in order to better understand it, and the only thing that has come to mind is the philosophy of "Maulana Karenga," the founder of "Kwanzaa" (who, like Oliver, ridicules even his people's indigenous, pre-chr*stian religious beliefs as superstitious nonsense while admiring the "deep spiritual concepts" contained within them).  Of course, since race is the be-all and end-all of the right/left divide, this merely means that Oliver and "Karenga" are the captains of opposing teams and one must praise one and condemn the other; never mind that their philosophies were practically identical.

Ah, but now we come to the Innermost Secret of All in the "true" right wing's battle with World Jewry--a secret that is so secret that even people like Carol are probably unaware of it.  According to Dr. Oliver the Ultimate Jewish Pollution is the naive and completely un-"aryan" belief in the concept of good versus evil.

Yep, you read that right.  While Abe Foxman is out crusading against "true believers" and their "simplistic" belief in the concepts of objective good and objective evil, Dr. Oliver and his poisonous progeny are condemning that very concept as THE Jewish contribution to mankind which is to be rejected at all costs.  In fact, even those anti-Semites who consider the Jews "evil" are really still polluted by Judaism and will remain so until they accept the Ultimate Aryan Truth that objective good and evil simply do not exist.


In fact, though he railed against the Jews constantly and continually he couldn't actually condemn them for what they were doing (besides, all behavior is racially determined, right, Dr. Oliver?).  Indeed, it was their duty to exploit and conquer the "aryan" enemy, just as the "aryan's" duty is to fight for his race against the Jewish adversary.  Good and evil, you see, are entirely determined by subjective cultural (and of course, to people like Oliver, ultimately racial) standards.  No objective and transcendent good or evil exists.  Well, I don't know.  Maybe.  I mean, if truth is determined by the worldviews created by the various racial "folk-souls" then perhaps they do exist in those cultures that believe in them.  I'm a little confused here.  The tortured logic of the insane is very difficult for me to follow.

At any rate, in place of the "alien" dichotomy of good verus evil, Dr. Oliver opts for an "aryan" dichotomy in which belief in the "false" concept of good vs. evil is opposed by the "correct" rejection of the concept of good vs. evil.  Which simply means that he would have made a good Jewish liberal.  Er, except for the racial equality thingy, which seems to be what matters most to both Left and Right . . . for some silly reason . . . which I don't know.

But again, wow.  Just imagine, if your humble writer is unworthy of the term "conservative" and " a Communist who doesn't know it" because of his pro-Jewish religious beliefs, then even Carol, though of course far superior to me, is in comparison with the great and glorious Oliver just another decadent Trotskyite corroding the foundations of Western Civilization.

I love irony!

Now perhaps the reader is wondering just what influence a raving madman like the late unlamented Dr. Oliver could possibly have on mainstream conservatism.  Well, Dr. Oliver was one of the twelve men who founded the John Birch Society (of which I was once a member), and the sad fact is that the conspiracy theory propounded by the Society is of anti-Semitic origin (in the original unbowdlerized version the Illuminati were merely a front for the Jews, and only the Birch Society itself continues to spread the bowdlerized version--all other "anti-conspiracy" groups are avowedly anti-Jewish).  This anti-Semitic theory, aided by a superficial resemblance to the Fundamentalist Protestant belief in a temporary "satanic" world government that comes to power before the "second coming," has found a lodging place in hearts far removed from Dr. Oliver's or even the Birch Society's immediate orbits.  In fact, the problem goes beyond these individuals and organizations themselves.  There is some evidence that people like Sam Francis, the atheist skull-measurer, still participate peripherally in the mainstream conservative movement.  And of course if the redoubtable Pat Buchanan is not flattered sufficiently (however one may disagree with him) then even one's "respectable" conservative credentials are brought into question.

What is the answer?  It is most assuredly not to play to the Left by condemning "racism" or "hatred" as if the wrongness of those things transcended the issue of G-d.  It is the attempt to "transcend" the issue of G-d that got us in this mess in the first place.  No, the answer is to replace all other dichotomies with the only one that is valid and true--the one that puts those who acknowledge the True G-d and all that He decrees on one side of the divide and everyone else, regardless of philosophy, on the other.  It makes no difference that the people on the non-Theistic side of the fence will hate each other based on other "more important" issues or that they are accustomed to being allied with various Theists.  Let this be the universal divide.  Then let G-d pour forth His fury.

One final sad irony remains regarding the rightwing, anti-Semitic freethinker.  While Fundamentalists might think the existence of these hateful vermin would lead some atheists on the Left to reconsider their rejection of G-d, the fact is that the Leftist freethinkers will merely smirk and say that obviously such hateful people are not "true" atheists (or even Darwinists) but simply must be retaining a belief in G-d somewhere deep within their psyches, because when one really and truly realizes the utter meaningless and pointlessness of existence then--wow--it just becomes so "obvious" that racism is wrong and that "activists" should block traffic until people stop eating meat.  And no, I don't understand that line of reasoning either.  See my above comment, please.